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Eviction Prevention/DIGS

With the high cost of housing in Dane County, it is difficult for households with limited incomes to maintain stable housing. Porchlight’s eviction prevention program, DIGS (Dwelling Intervention Grants & Sustenance) provides assistance designed to prevent homelessness in the wake of a short-term financial emergency for a household.

Households at risk of losing their housing and becoming homeless or households that are homeless are connected to the DIGS program, often through referrals from other social service agencies. The DIGS Program Coordinator makes an assessment of the household’s specific needs, makes referrals to other programs and services, and determines the need for direct financial assistance. Porchlight partners with faith communities and other organizations to provide the financial assistance necessary for the household to retain housing. Almost always, the household is required to contribute as well.

DIGS has been very successful at not only preventing households from becoming homeless, it has also been successful at helping households stay in permanent housing. Over 80% of households receiving assistance through DIGS maintain housing for 6 months, over 70% retain housing for a year, and 65% are still in housing 18 months later.

The DIGS Program is located at St. John’s Lutheran Church. To make an appointment with the DIGS Coordinator, call (608) 252-8522 on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m.

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