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Planned Giving & Endowments

Planned Giving and Endowment ~ Porchlight Foundation

You can make an impact on this crisis and help to increase the stock of affordable housing available in Dane County, through a gift to the Porchlight Foundation, Inc.

The Porchlight Foundation, Inc is a tax-exempt corporation separate from Porchlight, Inc. The Porchlight Foundation, Inc is committed to ensuring funds are maintained and will remain permanently available to provide low-cost housing in Dane County.

A gift to the Porchlight Foundation, Inc will be maintained in perpetuity with only the income being spent. Thus, you are assured that your gift will make a lasting difference in the lives of persons and families who need housing.

The Porchlight Foundation, Inc is the best place to make an investment to help homelessness and to create more affordable housing in our community.

If you are at all interested in making a gift to the Porchlight Foundation, please contact Steven Schooler, telephone number (608) 257-2534, or by mail, 306 North Brooks Street, Madison, WI 53715.

Gifts Through a Will
There are many ways that bequests can be made to the Porchlight Foundation, Inc. These include provision for payments of specific amounts, appreciated property, and percentages of the total estate or the residue from the estate. In addition, the Porchlight Foundation, Inc can be named as a contingent beneficiary.

Gifts of Cash or Appreciated Property
Cash gifts may be immediately deducted since the Porchlight Foundation, Inc is a tax-exempt corporation. The value of appreciated property, such as stock, may be able to be deducted without recognition of the capital gain as income.

Gifts of Current Income or Assets
Assets can be transferred to a trust where the income is paid either to yourself for life with the remainder to go to the Porchlight Foundation at death, or the income is paid to the Porchlight Foundation during your life with the remainder going to your heirs at death. These mechanisms are particularly helpful in reducing tax liability for a retirement plan which otherwise may face both substantial income and estate tax liability.

Gifts of Life Insurance Policies
Policies that are either paid-up or upon which you are still paying premiums can substantially benefit the Porchlight Foundation while providing you with a substantial tax deduction.

These are just a few of the techniques available for ensuring that your assets will provide a lasting benefit to those less fortunate in our community and creating a legacy which will endure in perpetuity. In addition, there are many tax advantages to making such gifts.

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