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Al and Jennifer


success story2Meet Al and his wife Jennifer. He is showing of the keys to his brand new apartment located on Allied Drive. If you notice in front of him is his walker. This is because he has a severe seizure disorder, and could collapse from a grand mal seizure at any moment.  Al in the past has been locked up in maximum security facilities due to multiple felony offenses, and has did time in secured mental health forensic units due to homicidal and suicidal tendencies.  He has been chronically homeless for about a decade.  Several months ago Al was assisted in obtaining SSI benefits after he had received a denial letter from social security. He also was one of the central figures who squatted at the City County Building porch for over a year.  Now that Al has settled into his new home with his wife Jennifer and their kitty, Al expressed that he is dedicating his time to advocating for those suffering from homelessness in Madison via his blog and Facebook reports. Congratulations on your new home Al and Jennifer!

By: Glenn Ruiz, Porchlight Outreach Worker

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