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I am a 47 yr. old Navy Veteran, who served on the USS Independence CV-62. At the time I served, we were the oldest ship on the water. We were based in Yokosuka, Japan. I traveled all over the Gulf & Atlantic. That’s where my drinking career began. I had never really been much of a drinker until then. The one thing about being in the Navy; you really do see the world. But I also saw some things that I’m dealing with now.

Being here, I was finally able to seek steady health care. By engaging in my treatment, I got diagnosed with PTSD, and I’m finally getting the help I need. I had to become homeless to find out I was eligible for services. I was repeatedly homeless for the last 10 years due to different circumstances. I’ve had a lot of highs & lows, but this has helped stop the cycle. “The housing, the support, the VA connection, have all really helped me.”
Written By: Gavin and Robin (Porchlight Case Manager) Photo by Keith


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