COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates

Update: The City and County announced the official permanent men’s shelter site at 1902 Bartillon Drive.  See the press release and article below for more details.
03/09/22 – Wisconsin State Journal: Madison, Dane County pick permanent homeless men’s shelter site on Far East Side

At the 5/4/21 Madison City Council meeting, the measure to purchase the proposed site on Zeier Road for a permanent purpose-built men’s shelter did not pass.  See Program Updates below for more details.

Effective 8/1/20, WI Governor Tony Evers has issued Emergency Order #1, a statewide mandate that requires every individual age 5 and older in Wisconsin wear a mask indoors with people outside their household,
and strongly recommends face coverings in all other settings, including outdoors when it is not possible to maintain physical distancing.
This order aligns with the Emergency Order previously issued by Public Health Madison & Dane County.

Effective 7/13/20, Public Health Madison & Dane County has issued Emergency Order #8, which requires
that everyone age 5 and older wear a mask in all enclosed spaces with people outside their household.
Porchlight has issued an urgent memo describing the order’s impact on residents and staff.

Effective 6/8/20, the Porchlight office at 306 N Brooks St has returned to regular operational hours,
8:00am – 4:30pm.  Please consider supporting Porchlight during this time by donating online
or visiting our Facebook page to monitor current needs.

Program Updates

Men’s Drop-In Shelter

Effective 12/16/20, the men’s shelter temporarily relocated to the former Fleet Services building at 200 N First St.  Intake hours are 5:00pm – 8:30pm nightly.  Click here for more information.  The Shelter will continue conducting health assessments upon entry to shelter.  If you are interested in volunteering or learning more, contact Kim at .


Effective 3/16/20, DIGS services are provided via phone conference only.

Safe Haven

Effective 4/1/21, Safe Haven drop-in day services will be available
8:30am – 6:00pm, every day.

Community Info/Calls to Action

Porchlight is now accepting cloth masks for shelter guests and residents.  While it is always best to isolate if possible, the CDC recommends wearing a cloth face covering if you are in public, and has released DIY instructions.  Please send or drop off cloth masks to 306 N Brooks St M-F 10am-3pm.

If you are interested in donating needed items to Porchlight, please check out our updated COVID-19 Supplies list, or see our Amazon Wish List.

For Residents

Residents are encouraged to stay at home when they can, use a cloth mask when out in public, and practice social distancing.  Call your case manager if you need a cloth mask, or have questions/concerns.

*Please note that residents are responsible for paying rent during the pandemic.  If you have lost income due to COVID-19 or are unable to pay your rent for any reason, please contact your case manager as soon as possible.