Men’s Emergency Shelter

The City and County have announced the official permanent men’s shelter site at
1902 Bartillon Drive.  See the press release and article below for more details.

03/09/22 – Wisconsin State Journal: Madison, Dane County pick permanent homeless men’s shelter site on Far East Side

Update: On 10/11/22, Porchlight was approved as operator for the future permanent men’s shelter to be built at the Bartillon site.

UPDATE: Effective 10/13/22, the Porchlight Men’s Emergency Shelter is temporarily relocated
to 2002 Zeier Road.  Shelter hours are 5:00pm – 8:00am.  The shelter number is (608) 416-1446.

All guests presenting at shelter will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19.
Intake hours are 5:00pm – 8:30pm.  
Hospitals may only refer guests after intake hours if they contact shelter staff and complete the
Shelter Referral for Medical Providers confirming that the guest has been screened for COVID-19 and monkeypox symptoms that day.  If the provider suspects the guest may have either COVID-19 or monkeypox, they should refer directly to the Isolation/Quarantine Center (IQC).

Guests will also pass through security screening.  Weapons, drugs, and alcohol are not allowed in shelter.  Guests may secure belongings in individual lockers overnight on a first come, first served basis and retrieve them when they leave.  Firearms are strictly prohibited and may not be stored on property.

Porchlight is continuing to provide direct shuttle transportation from The Beacon day shelter
(615 E Washington Ave) to the Zeier Road overnight shelter between 4:15pm and 4:45pm each day,
and from the Zeier Road shelter back to The Beacon between 7:15am and 7:30am each morning.

For news coverage of the move to Zeier Road, click here.

Please click here for other updates regarding Porchlight’s Response to COVID-19.

The Porchlight Drop-In Shelter provides emergency overnight shelter to male-identified individuals over the age of 18.  Guests receive two meals per day, personal hygiene supplies, access to showers and bathrooms, and case management services.  Shelter hours are 5:00pm – 8:00am, every day.

The shelter is currently located at 2002 Zeier Road.  Year-round intake hours are 5:00pm – 8:30pm.  Requests to enter shelter after intake has ended are subject to the Late Entry Policy.  Eligible guests must receive prior approval for late entry by calling staff at (608) 416-1446 before 8:00pm on the day of late entry.

All guests are expected to adhere to shelter guidelines, which are posted and available in hard copy.  Failure to adhere to guidelines may result in suspension of shelter services.  Guests who present at shelter intoxicated may access shelter, but may not bring alcohol or drugs into shelter.

Inclement “weather nights” may go into effect when temperatures are forecasted to drop to 20 degrees or lower, or in other cases of severe weather, such as extreme heat.  On weather nights, guests may access shelter even if they are suspended from services, unless they have been notified otherwise.
Weather nights will be posted on the Homeless Services Consortium of Dane County website.

Porchlight’s emergency shelter assists over 1,000 men experiencing homelessness each year with the support of many volunteer organizations and individual volunteers.  Thank you to all who donate their time and effort to helping those in need!

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