You can make an impact on homelessness in our community by becoming a donor.  Porchlight’s work is made possible by the ongoing generosity of individuals, groups, and businesses who believe that housing is essential for all members of our community.  Donations made to Porchlight or its Foundation are tax-deductible, and are used to support individuals experiencing homelessness or housing instability through shelter, housing, and services.

One Time & Recurring Gifts

You can donate online anytime by clicking here or donating through the Venmo app by scanning the below image.  Donors can support Porchlight’s general operations, designate a program they would like their gift to support, or elect to direct their donation specifically to the Porchlight Foundation.  You can also become a regular supporter of Porchlight by setting up a recurring monthly donation.  Recurring gifts have a significant impact on the agency’s annual budget by providing a stream of steady support.  As little as $10 a month can make a difference!

If you prefer to make a donation by mail, please make checks payable to Porchlight, Inc. and send to:

Porchlight, Inc.
306 N Brooks St
Madison, WI 53715

Porchlight, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization (Tax ID: 39-1579521).  Your donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.  The latest financial filings can be found here.

Leadership Giving - Guiding Light Society

If you are ready to increase your impact on the individuals and families we serve, Porchlight invites you to become a member of our Guiding Light Society.  Society members make a multi-year pledge to help Porchlight build, acquire, and repair our growing housing stock.

For more information or to become a society member, please contact Executive Director Karla Thennes at (608) 257-2534 ext. 14 or var un=’kthennes’;var hn=’’;document.write(‘‘+un+’@’+hn+”);.

The Porchlight Foundation, Inc. is a tax-exempt corporation that is separate from Porchlight, Inc.  The Foundation’s mission is to support Porchlight, Inc. in providing low-cost housing and related support services.  It operates much like an endowment that promotes long-term sustainability.  Most of the principle value is kept intact and investment income may be used to support Porchlight operations or to aid in development projects.  Gifts to the Porchlight Foundation will therefore make a lasting impact and ensure that Porchlight remains a leader in affordable housing for decades to come.

Planned gifts to the Porchlight Foundation may include:

  • Will or Testament – may include provision for payments of specific amounts, appreciated property, percentages of the total estate, residue of the estate, contingent beneficiary
  • Cash or Appreciated Property – cash may be immediately deducted, appreciated property may be deducted without counting capital gain as income
  • Current Income or Assets – assets may be transferred to a trust where income is paid to oneself for life with remainder going to Porchlight Foundation at death, or income is paid to Porchlight Foundation during your life with remainder going to heirs at death
  • Life Insurance Policies – policies that are paid-up or for which you are still paying premiums can benefit the Foundation while providing a substantial tax deduction
  • Qualified Charitable Distributions – people 70 ½ or older may donate a portion of their required minimum distribution from their retirement account without reporting the distribution as income on their federal income tax return
  • Donor Advised Funds – charitable funds created so people can donate to a general fund in order to receive an income tax deduction immediately, but give funds to specific charities of their choice over time

If you prefer that your planned gift benefit a specific program or current operations, you may route it to Porchlight, Inc. instead of the Porchlight Foundation.  The Porchlight Foundation can also accept one-time or recurring monthly gifts through the online donation portal (select “Porchlight Foundation” from the Program Designation drop-down menu).

For more information about The Porchlight Foundation, Inc. or other ways to participate in planned giving, contact Executive Director Karla Thennes at (608) 257-2534 ext. 14 or var un=’kthennes’;var hn=’’;document.write(‘‘+un+’@’+hn+”);.

The kindness and support of local businesses and organizations are a vital part of Porchlight’s success.
If your business, organization, or faith community would like to partner with Porchlight by contributing to a specific program, please contact Executive Director Karla Thennes at (608) 257-2534 ext. 14 or var un=’kthennes’;var hn=’’;document.write(‘‘+un+’@’+hn+”);.

Individual donors may also consider speaking with their employers regarding matching gifts.
Many companies have matching gift programs to encourage charitable giving, or are willing to match charitable gifts.  Contact your Human Resources department to find out how you can increase your impact by matching your donation!

Porchlight is pleased to accept your generous gift of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds to help further our mission.

For those interested in donating shares of stock, please contact Porchlight in advance to ensure proper acknowledgment is made for the donation. We will need the name and address of the donor for proper acknowledgment but we can keep donations anonymous. Please contact Karla Thennes before making the donation.
Porchlight Contact: 608-257-2534 ext. 14
Information for a transfer of shares through a broker:
Broker: Charles Schwab
Broker DTC Number: 0164 Code 40
Account Name: Porchlight, Inc.
Account Number: 7841-5956
National Broker Telephone Number for Charles Schwab – 800-515-2157
For physical delivery of shares, there are special requirements, the signed stock certificates and stock power should be in two separate mailings and should be sent by registered mail and insured. Please contact Karla directly before attempting to make a physical transfer of shares.
Amazon Wish List

While you are on Amazon, do not hesitate to check out our Wish List, and throw an item or two in your shopping cart for the individuals and families we serve!